How NOT to write about music – 63. Her’s


Such beautiful music. So sad it took the news of the band’s passing for me to listen to their music.

I will be honest. The debut album from Her’s references Twin Peaks and the great Jimmy Stewart film Harvey – both of which I have bought on DVD over the last week. So there is serendipity. I was driven to listen to their music both by the pathos and heartbreak of the situation – a young band and tour manager cut cruelly down in their prime – and the reference points being mentioned for their music. Aztec Camera. Jens Lekman. Early Everything But The Girl (when Tracey was still channeling Marine Girls). Prime Scritti Politti. Ariel Pink. The bossa nova swing of post-punk post-noise bands such as Weekend, my delight. So there is my heart.

So beautiful, so delicate, so fun. So naive. So wonderful. There is so much to love about their music, and so much to mourn. I am so sorry I never heard Her’s before now. Usually I go online to check out the latest news in Culture about Billie Eilish, and wonder quite how much I love her. This reminds me of Kings Of Convenience playing a starstruck show at Duke of York’s, early 2000s and my continued love affair with the debut Aztec Camera album. Music for melancholia-stricken teenagers.  These are my people. I know them even if I never met them, and I am sorry that they are no longer with us.

“Warm, gentle and hilarious,” is how their label described this Liverpool duo in the flesh, and I can well believe it.

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