How NOT to write about music – 88. Sleepy Kitty


Here. Have some of this. Some good old-fashioned rock’n’roll from 2015. A bit late. I admit (and WARNING contains an ex-member of Harvey Danger) but… uh, I like it.  Like a cross between Holly Golightly and The Wolfhounds, although I am of course aware that making a statement like that says far more about me as the interpreter than it does about the intentions of the band.

Great voice.

The Toronto Star has it that “fans of such ’90s femme-rock luminaries as the Breeders, Juliana Hatfield and Veruca Salt, as well as sardonic present-day rock chicks like Courtney Barnett and Laura Stevenson, will find the duo very easy to love, while ascendant garage-rock kingpin Ezra Furman and His Boyfriends are fans and friends”, but that sounds like damning a band with faint praise rather than a serious appraisal (and is also casting the net too wide).

Two comments:

  • Why the need to use the phrase “femme-pop luminaries”. There is only one female member of Sleepy Kitty (and one male).
  • Courtney Barnett? Really? Only heard a couple of female performers, have we?

Bob Boilen of NPR holds that Sleepy Kitty are, “Bright colorful and relatively analog, with leanings toward The Ramones or ’60s girl groups if Brian Eno had taken up the production. Good fun!”

One comment:

  • Love the use of the phrase ‘relatively analog’, although not quite sure Ramones would have sounded like this if Brian Eno had taken up the production. Surely they would have sounded more like U2?

Nice to be reminded of this, though:

Brooklyn Vegan describes them as “a grungier, more layered Best Coast.”

One comment:

  • This St. Louis duo are at their least engaging when they sound like a “grungier, more layered Best Coast”. Far better something ancient like this, even if it is a direct rip of a song I can’t be bothered to put my finger on.*

Black Book says that, “unlike some other image-conscious groups, Sleepy Kitty’s music speaks for itself”.

One comment: 

  • Nice to have music that “speaks for itself”. Sigh.

Photography by Erin Brown, and nicked from the band’s Facebook page. Apologies in advance if the photographer would rather I do not use it.

Here is an interesting story about recent troubles facing the band.

*Oh, wait. Pavement, duh.

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