How NOT to write about music – 121. Kanye West


…wherein Kanye continues with his persecution complex, this time comparing what has happened to him with what happened to Jesus…

Again, the comments underneath the music tell you more about the music then the music itself (and this is one of the best moments from Jesus is King) (and let’s not overlook the inclusion of Kenny G here, but embrace it and admit that, as ever, the song would have been far better without the inclusion of Kenny G here) (and let us state here and now that while gospel music and Jesus can often lift previously unfocused artists to new heights of passion, Kanye does not sound inspired, does not sound impassioned on most of Jesus is King) (and this remains one of the greatest songs here, mainly for the urgency and repetition in the choral segments here, interspersed with some very nice percussive effects that sound like a door, or coffin, slamming shut) (and let us point out that much of this feels like an unhinged marketing gimmick the way much of Kanye’s work feels like unhinged marketing gimmicks even as you believe he believes he thinks it real) (but usually this does not matter, indeed often this leads to flashes of brilliance, genius) (and let us state those flashes are so far and few between here as to be non-existent) (and let us state that… you’re not reading this now, are you?).

Lyrics are utter crap.

As Kanye has it: it’s a hard road to heaven – but shit, he got a head start now, don’t he?

Let me state here and now, my personal bias.

  1. I do not believe in a God, or Gods – or rather, I do, but I do not believe Christianity has the exclusivity on God, or Gods. I prefer my Gods to live at the bottom of my garden alongside my spirit animal.
  2. I am not a fan of crap music, badly formulated and poorly executed.
  3. I like unfinished, but shit there is unfinished and unfinished. This is not raw or ‘real’. It’s just sloppy.

There are plenty of people who disagree with me, though. Remember folk, it’s a big and scary world out there. Man.

Comments below the YouTube video.

  • This song turned my yeezys into Jesus sandals
  • I like how this is Christian but is still Kanye
  • This whole album is a diss to the DEVIL.
  • Stay strong Ye. I know Hollywood is attacking you. They don’t like all this Jesus talk. We’re praying for you.
  • If God is with you who can be against you? none.
  • Damn….Kanye really going to make gospel music the new wave
  • I was saved by Christ 19 years ago – IT GETS BETTER EVERYDAY – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!
  • May God give Kanye all the strength he needs a a servant of God. Amen.
  • If the priest ain’t blasting this on Sunday I’ll rage
  • “Who the son sets free is free indeed” hit me hard
  • “If you woke then wake up.”
  • “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18
  • This is what Christian grandmas gonna be listening to in 2080
  • As a Christian I love seeing what Jesus is doing in this man’s life. He can make a huge impact.
  • Finally a famous singer that’s stands up for God and hears His call
  • This song gets me pumped up to worship God!!
  • Kanye just went full on Jesus mode and I’m here for it
  • Glory belongs to the Lord alone. He is risen, and his kingdom is at hand.

Some hold that this is “fake Christianity at its finest” but that leads to the rather obvious question… what the fuck is ‘real’ Christianity?

God moves in mysterious ways, and sometimes she’s quite dull as well.

It still shits all over Bob Dylan though.

Jesus is King: the merch stallJESUS_IS_KING_CROSS_CREWNECK_SHOT_1_1100x

You’d have thought they could’ve found a clean pair.


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