How NOT to write about music – 126. FKA twigs

fka twigs new album magdalene

That’s a deep bass. That is smart use of silence and tease. That is smart use of distance. More to admire than love. You can taste the tension as she pulls back on the joystick. It’s all about the visuals, the imagination. The reaching for the unobtainable. The withdrawal from loneliness, from despair. It’s all about the visuals, the occasional acknowledgment of what may be going on in the outside world. That is one deep bass; one startling counterpoint. It’s all about the soaring. More to love than admire, surely. Wait, is it starting all over again? This is smart use of the stark, of the unnerving, of the Voice. I can feel the disconnection, the cerebral, the isolation. I can feel the effort, the drop, the art.

I still have no idea how I feel about FKA twigs, but I am grooving on this – slowly, smartly… sweetly. Gotta love anyone who makes this much effort to be viewed as separate. I cannot even begin to imagine what the live show is like, the acoustics, the immense effort that must be required from her audience not to intrude, not to break the magic.

People also ask:

What does FKA stand for in FKA twigs?
What nationality is fka twigs?
How tall is fka twigs?
What genre is fka twigs?

What fucking stupid questions. How tall is FKA twigs? Wow.

Wait, there’s more.

Who is fka twigs dating now?
What is fka twigs networth?
Who is fka twigs dating 2018?
Is FKA twigs single?
Who is Shia LaBeouf’s wife?
Who is married to Robert Pattinson?
Is FKA twigs vegan?
How old is Suki?
Why did Rob Cantor make Shia LaBeouf?
Who produced fka twigs?
How much money did the Twilight series make?


On live TV, FKA twigs stripped off a medieval gown and pole danced on a grand piano.

Calm down, boys. It’s music, performance.

On her new album MAGDALENE, FKA twigs tempers her ferocity with a radical sensitivity.

Calm down.

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