How NOT to write about music – 140. Hinds


One of the greatest reviews I wrote since my return from Brisbane in 2015 was of Spanish band Hinds when they played Brighton in 2016. So great, it directly contributed to the break-up of my marriage (alongside several other pieces of writing) – but what the fuck. You don’t become a great music critic by caring for yourself or those near you; having friends; having any sort of self-respect. Also, in fairness, it wasn’t this review and the other reviews per se that caused the break-up of my marriage but my behaviour at the time.

As Hinds singer Carlotta Cosials put it, “I am flirting with this guy/Just to pretend I’m fine”. And of course I am anything but fine now and I never flirt anymore.

And now, way way too late, I realise that of course I would rather have friends and a marriage and a life than be considered any sort of a music critic.

As Carlotta sings below, “I’ve been riding solo, riding solo/Doesn’t feel okay/Make it go away”.

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