Sixty for 60: 14. Nightshift

To celebrate my 60th birthday, I asked my social media friends to nominate a favourite song from 2021 – 60 to commemorate the fact I am 60.

Today, it’s the turn of Facebook friend Alexis Late – ‘Power Cut’ by Nightshift. (Are they Australian? Please tell me they’re Australian! They totally sound Australian.) Slightly panicked, she writes, “I’m probably too late but just in case xx” and then adds, “Oh no that was 2020! Eek sorry 😳 But that was my favourite song of 2020. Here is a 2021 one xx.” No need to worry Alexis, both are great – and strikingly different too. (Beach Photography have a bit of a Petticoats vibe about them, don’t you think?) This one reminds me of… no, wait. Why should you care which obscure yet magnificent Sydney and Melbourne band this reminds me of? All you need to know is: does this pass the Electrelane test?

Well, does it? You can answer your own question at around the 4.15 mark when the clarinet (oboe?) and swings come into play. Fuck YEAH it passes the Electrelane test. And no, it ain’t from anywhere close to Melbourne or Sydney or Brisbane or any of those other cities I hold so dear – but that’s cool. That’s fine. Good music is good music is good music. And this groove just keeps going on and on and on, so much so that when the needle leaves the groove you just need to place it back in there and start dancing all over again. A little bit Totally Mild, a little bit one of those homebuilt cassette labels from the early 1980s (the synth), a little bit Life Without Buildings even. I mean, what more do you need to know? This contains near everything Everett True loves about a certain strand of psych music. I know, because I asked him.

I notice this is referred to as “post-punk” on their YouTube channel but it really isn’t.

It is way more magnificent than that. My new favourite band. Their record label is named after a Nina Simone song. Do yourself a favour: listen to their entire album. So good.

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