How NOT to write about music – 149. Otoboke Beaver

Otoboke Beaver

Absolute genius. First band to feature on this blog three times.

In their own words:
“This song is about unrelenting person. Such a person that insist to talk to you many times in spite of saying NO. It is not about specific person, but various experiences I think many people has had, especially on the internet. The internet has been good to Otoboke Beaver, but it can be a strange and cruel place. It’s ok if you don’t like our music. But when we get comments about things with no relation to our music, we wonder… do you really have so much free time like this?? 

This is also inspiration for our music video, directed by ONIONSKIN, who previously also directed our video for Don’t light My Fire.

Cover artwork was created by Otoboke Beaver and photographer Jumpei Yamada.
The body paint was drawn by Yoshie and  inspired by traditional Japanese (irezumi) tattoo. 
This dragon on Acco’s back expresses our anger with old fart.”

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“How can they sing so fast, dad?”
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