How NOT to write about music – 154. Bloods


I wrote this great post on Sydney’s Bloods a couple of years ago – so great that I feel no need to change a single word on it. Their music remains equally as damn fine: if not for geographical location I cannot help thinking that Bloods would be way, way better known. I mean, maybe it is simple tribute but I sure as fuck do not hear it like that – all the names below, I view this music as the equivalent of and equal to, no shit. Just glorious rock’n’roll like I believed it should always be played… by females (and the occasional man). Just glorious, straight up.

It’s Kim Warnick.
It’s Tobi Vail.
It’s Corin Tucker.
It’s Matrimony.
It’s The Go-Go’s.
It’s a taut coiled spring ready to pounce.
It’s The Pleasure Seekers.
It’s Blue Angel.
It’s Patty Schemel.
It’s repetition as a weapon.
It’s The Donnas.
It’s Bangs.
It’s The Detroit Cobras.
It’s autonomy.
It’s Dolly Mixture.
It’s Divinyls.
It’s Dogtower.
It’s Johnny Diesel.
It’s Au Pairs.
It’s Jennifer Finch.
It’s Coloured Balls.
It’s Shellshag.


Everything by them. Everything.