How NOT to write about music – 66. SOPHIE


OMG (etc_). How did this pass me by (etc_)? Big SHOUT OUT to Cindy Stern on FB (etc_). Shades of TG, BK, CXCX, BE and CV (etc). OMG (etc_). Epilepsy-inducing (etc_), not always. Wonderful, near always (etc_). PC Music (etc_). Innovative, inventive, solipsistic, lipstick, terrifying, blunt, fluid, challenging (etc_). None of the above (etc_).

The next one is shorter if you don’t have (etc_).

Yeah, and (etc_). Wait, and there’s (etc_), like you didn’t know already. Some kind of sex¬† (etc_). This is the, wait which word do the letters f-u spell out for (etc_). F-U-C-K, wrong (etc_), no you have it wrong. F-U future (etc_).

An un-update (etc_), like I don’t obsess already (etc_). Like the Ramones sang, I don’t wanna grow (etc_). Not Ramones, Waits, but you know what I (etc_).

This is one hell of a (etc_).