How NOT to write about music – 131. The Moonbears

Moonbears 3

In so many respects, Neil Kulkarni is such an inspiration. Not only the greatest male music critic this country has disgorged in three decades – and if you really need me to link you to his blog then you really have not been paying attention – but also… Oh god… I don’t know. A sweetheart. A total sweetheart. An inspiration. Embedded in music. Embedded in his community. Fuck, I wish I knew a Neil Kulkarni in my locality. I was so proud when he got announced as Course Leader in Music Journalism at BIMM Birmingham – man, they totally hit paydirt this time around.

Also, his music. His sweetheart Moonbears. And if ever I needed a timely reminder, it is right now. As Neil sings, “It’s for the kids. We can’t spoil Christmas.” It is so fucking hard to hold on to that right now – but if Neil can, then for fuck’s sake I should be able to, surely?

Thank you, Neil.