How NOT to write about music – 106. Jad Fair & Kramer


I’m sorry. I should have been there. I don’t know how it would have been possible and I am scared to venture outside the parameters of my day-to-day existence these days, scared to cross the road, but somehow I should have been there. Jad’s guitar on the following… more even than the beautiful harmonies and keyboards – sum up how I feel. The confusion, the blur of emotions. The futility. The beauty. The distortion.

Thank you Jad and Kramer. Thank you Daniel. Thank you Jeff.

Daniel’s music will live on through the lives of each and everyone of us it touched. It’s easier now, he’s dead: no conflict remaining, just the beauty, stripped-away and laid bare. Stunning in its purity, its innocence. As Daniel intended it to be.

Look at the trees outside. Aren’t they beautiful?