How NOT to write about music – 57. Sleaford Mods

Sleaford ModsDon’t need to describe this, surely. Fucken blast of fucken fresh air on a delayed 7.15 back home from Guildford, shit cycle ride home.

The YouTube comments have it:

  • The accumulation of torment for those that refuse to capitalise solely through mediocre channels and as a result are ejected back onto the concrete.
  • “You’ve had a record deal for nearly 30 years what do you know about, agencies, looking for jobs, shit wages” This has to be the best line in the song!
  • It’s like Underworld and John Cooper Clarke has a kid
  • It was a pleasure taking part, and to top it off it’s one of the best from the mods to date. You should be able to spot me, I’m the 50 + bald bloke………….oh wait, I didn’t think that through
  • Mixed with a solid beat it just fucking works.
  • To quote some unknown guy, hearing a new Sleaford Mods song is like having your first beer after lobotomy
  • “Kebab Spider” debuted at #27 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!
  • This is just like the Dr Martin’s boots song from the young one
  • Why are they chanting Steven Moss at the very end?
  • “You’re just saying it all to look good” That reverberates on so many levels these days…
  • Reminds me of Mondays wfl video class
  • The new year can finally get underway.
  • Не думал, что их в России слушают-) Привет Сибири из Лондона, от рожденного на Урале-)
  • Excellent anyway but magnificent for the Belle Stars reference