How NOT to write about music – 28. Noah Cyrus, MØ

Noah Cyrus

An anthem for our times. Thank you to Ringo for sharing.

I posted:

So, to summarise:

Brexit is fucked.
The government’s fucked.
We’re all fucked.

And he posted:

Damn straight.

That’s it. Show over. Nothing else to see here. Yes, she’s Miley’s sister. Yes, she is in the English version of one of the coolest kids’ movies of the last 10 years (Ponyo). Get over it. Just listen to the damn music.

As she told the NME:

Was there a particular event, or moment in your life, that triggered you to write this song?

I’ve experienced cyberbullying my entire life, due to just having a last name that people knew. I think it had to do with me mainly. I would have been 12 when I started on Instagram, and then people were just so terrible and there was just so much cyberbullying going on. The words that they thought were OK to say to a twelve-year-old girl made me think ‘OK, this is alarming’.

At the time, I thought that all my validation comes from social media. As a twelve-year-old girl, I thought that I was only pretty if the people on social media told me that I was pretty – and they weren’t telling me I was pretty. So I didn’t think I was pretty and I was really down on myself and I really was sad with myself. But social media doesn’t give you validation or make you pretty. You make you pretty. You can look like you and be pretty and you can dress like you and be pretty. If you have the same style as the girls on Instagram, cool! But as long as you know in your heart that you are you and that you don’t have to look like anybody else.


ADDENDA: Not sure why, but it reminds me of this: